Day 5 & 6

Sorry for not posting since Friday. For the first time ever in I’m not sure how long, I had a completely free weekend so I used it to get some studying done because finals start in one week, so I didn’t have much time to make posts on here. I’ll try to summarize my Saturday and Sunday on here really quickly, then do a Day 7 post later tonight with some progress pictures (doubt I’ll see much progress seeing as it’s only been week, but we’ll see!)

Tried to set this picture up to seem very Pinterest-esque for you guys.

Saturday, I spent the majority of the day studying. I honestly found it hard to sleep in that day (trust me I tried my hardest to stay asleep), but my body wasn’t having it for some reason. I woke up and made one of my favorite breakfasts (very simple omelet, orange on the side, glass of orange juice) then went straight to studying. I didn’t even have time to do much with the NASM CPT studying, so I’m a little behind on that, but hopefully with the semester coming to an end I can really get going with that soon. For lunch I made it very simple because I wasn’t feeling all that hungry. I cut up various veggies (tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, spinach, etc.) I know this doesn’t sound appetizing, but I wasn’t in the mood for much so I just kept it light. For dinner I have a chicken breast cooked in tomato sauce, so very simple dinner took me maybe 20 minutes to cook up. The rest of the day was spent studying and making numerous amount of study guides to try to help me survive these next two weeks. I did a quick cardio session later that night. Just spent 45 minutes running then did push-ups, crunches, and squats. Again kept it simple because I didn’t have much time.

Sunday, I had the same breakfast (you can see I really like omelettes) and had leftover chicken for lunch. For dinner, I had brown rice, shredded chicken mixed with tomatoes, cucumbers, and bell peppers. I worked out my upper body and did my cardio. My upper body workout can be found in the “Workouts” category. I spent half the day studying, did grocery shopping for a little bit, then happily ended my Sunday watching the first episode of season 5 of GAME OF THRONES! I hope some of you guys are Game of Thrones nerds like me, because you’ll understand how excited I was for this day to finally come!

Here’s what I want you guys to get out of this post. Yes I’ve been telling you guys you have to make time for your health and make it a priority, I know that. And I still got in some sort of workout out of these past two days, but I did take a little break to focus on some other, at this time in my life, important things. So yes, it’s ok to ease back on the working out and make things like school a priority. Even if you wanted to spend this weekend out with your friends or family or reading or painting, you can take a little break from working out. I tried to stay active and get a little exercise each day just so when I come back today (Monday) I’m not completely dying because I took a 2 day break.

Remember to treat this as a lifestyle. Yes we all have goals whether they include losing weight, gaining muscle, lifting a certain amount, cutting for a competition or whatever, but you’re also training for life and in life not everyday will go perfectly to plan and you will not train every single day you plan to train and that’s ok because this is your life and it changes and you have to adjust and relax and realize that there’s always tomorrow. Don’t give up on fitness, make it a priority, but also give yourself a break and don’t be hard on yourself when you miss a day or two. Set up a plan that you can live with and where you have cheat meals (weekly or monthly) whatever works for you. The point of this is to create a healthy lifestyle and on that journey you will develop that physique eventually, but setup a reasonable plan to maintain it that will work with your lifestyle.

Hope you guys have an amazing Monday! Today is leg day and I’m ready to kill it in there!


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