Visual Motivation

Hey hey! Sorry I haven’t posted at all lately. Finals week has hit and it hit hard, but I’m almost done with my last final being on Thursday and then I will be back to posting regularly. I just wanted to make this post really fast to get you ready for something exciting (or not) I’m planning for after these finals are over.

So with anything long-term the hardest part really comes down to being motivated to continue and remembering why you started in the first place. I know for myself personally, when I get hungry or lazy, it’s so easy to quickly resort to a spoonful of nutella, skipping the gym (convincing myself I need a break, even though I already took a break recently), or whatever it is that is the easier decision that day. So to stay motivated and keep going, I like to use visual motivation. Something that is constantly in my face or I see when I first wake up, that reminds me what I’m doing and why I’m doing it. A quick scroll through Pinterest and I have gathered some of the best ideas for visual motivation.

1. Pounds Countdown: sometimes people set goals to lose a certain amount of pounds (again weight is not the only measurement of health). Whether it’s 100 pounds, 25 pounds, or 5 pounds it doesn’t matter. A good way to keep you motivated to keep going and keep continuing to be healthy, is to make those pounds into something you can see and hold. Below are a few things you can do. First the comparison vases (one jar has the pounds you have yet to lose and the other has the pounds you have lost.) I think this is a really good way because you can compare the two jars and see how one fills up while the other gets smaller and it’s really cool to see your hard work kind of expressed in this way and also to keep you motivated especially with those last tricky 10 pounds. These ideas are really simple and can be made using things around the house. You can use stickers instead of clothing pins, marbles, rocks, paper balls, etc. Just visualize the pounds and then keep going!

2. Time Countdown: sometimes goals have timelines or you just want to motivate yourself to kick butt for this next month. A visualized countdown can keep you on track and remind you to keep going. Sometimes, say it’s a month-long challenge, it’s near those last two weeks where you start to waver off and this visual countdown will help keep you on track because it shows you just how little more you have to go until you have successfully kicked butt. Remember time will continue to move regardless of what you do, so where do you want to be at the end of this month. Think of what you could have done if you had started last month.

3. Motivation Board/Wall: this kind of encompasses both of these ideas and then some. A motivation board/wall is again something you can look at to motivate yourself and remind yourself why you started and why you should continue.This can include your pounds countdown, your time countdown, countdown until your next cheat meal, motivational quotes, pictures to motivate you (realistic health models that don’t get butt implants), small tips to remind you what you can eat when your hungry and to drink water, etc. This is your go-to bored when you start questioning whether you should just give up, or when you had a hard day, or when you look in the mirror and don’t see a difference yet, this is your board that you can be like “Oh yea, that’s fine I still got this, I’m good.”

Keep in mind any of these motivational ideas can be used for other goals as well. Whether your goal is to have a really clean house/apartment/dorm this month, or homework, studying, etc. You personalize it how you want and you stick to it. Don’t forget to wake up everyday and be a badass.


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