Day 2

Today, I had so much homework and studying to do I felt overwhelmed and almost didn’t make it to the gym. But I decided to go anyways and it was amazing. Pushing through cardio today was a little tough but the feeling I experienced when I was done was like no other. The combination of adrenaline and sense of accomplishment really reminded me why I love fitness. Regardless of how horrible or stressful of a day I have had, I can always go to the gym and release all that stress while benefiting my mind and body. Working out relaxes and refreshes my mind and gets me ready to take on whatever is ahead of me.

Exhausting my muscles to failure is one of my favorite feelings because I know I put in my best and gave it all I got. One thing I always have to remind myself is to listen to my body rather than my mind. My mind will convince me to quit and try again tomorrow halfway through the workout because I’m feeling “exhausted” or “in too much pain.” I really have to block out those negative thoughts and instead focus on my body. Am I working as hard as I can? Can I push harder? Do I need to take it easy and rest? It’s important to keep these questions in mind because the answers make the difference between a mediocre “barely tried” workout and an amazing “gave it all I got and then some” workout. The answers also provide you with a guide to follow. Sometimes, regardless of how much we hate rest days, we do need to take time off and allow our muscles to recover and rebuild. You have to learn to listen to your body and take advantage of what it’s capable of, but recognize the signs signaling for a need to rest and take it easy.

Fitness is more than just creating an attractive physique. It easily becomes a necessary part of the day to release stress and allow yourself to relax your thoughts and just focus on using and exhausting every inch of your body to feel that soreness the next day that tells you how hard you worked that night.

Here’s a quick summary of my food intake and workouts just to let you guys know what I’m doing.

Breakfast: hard boiled egg, banana, water

Lunch: two clementines, banana, meat loaf, water

Dinner: chicken breast, wheat spaghetti, water

Post-workout: Greek yogurt, honey, apple

Workout: cardio + abs (ab workout can be found under the “Workouts” category)


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