Day 1 

Since this is a fitness blog, I figured I should tell you guys about my more technical characteristics so you can see where I’m starting off and how I progress. I do plan on posting full-body pictures to record my progress and how my body changes. Personally, the number on the scale doesn’t mean much to me because I try to focus more on the muscle tone and look of my body and the scale doesn’t always reflect that.

Age: 19

Weight: 154.8 lbs

Height: 5’5.5″

I was really hesitant about posting these pictures because they really forced me to see where I was at and I wasn’t honestly too happy. But all I can do now is accept this as my starting point and really work hard to get back into shape.

Body 1.1 Body 1.2 Body 1.3

So here we go Day 1 this is where I’m starting at and hopefully you can join and we can get healthy and become more knowledgable about fitness. Remember, regardless of what fitness level you stand at, it’s just important that you start and take that first step. I just get excited thinking about how I’ll look a month from now!


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