Quick Leg Workout

Sometimes I don’t have time to go to the gym and do a full blown workout, but I try to do a few exercises to keep my muscles active. These quick workouts are helpful for me because I can do them anywhere and without any equipment. I find a lot of these quick ones on Pinterest and this is the one I did today.

I don’t know exactly where this picture is from. I promise I’m not trying to take things and claim them as my own. I found this on Pinterest and went to the website and couldn’t find its actual location.

Let me tell you, this burned and made me sweat! It took me about 45 minutes to do 3 circuits of this workout. I took a 30 second rest between each exercise and then a 3 minute rest between each set. Feel free to adjust the frequency and length of these rest times as you want. Remember everyone is different, so some people can knock this workout out in 20-30 minutes and others it may take an hour or more.

Also don’t feel bad about not being able to do each move correctly. Focus on form and over time your body will improve and adjust. DO NOT SACRIFICE FORM FOR NUMBER OF REPETITIONS OR TIME. If your form isn’t correct, you will not benefit from these exercises.

Alternatives to the workouts if this first time around is too challenging.

  1. Downward-Dog Leg-Lift to Knee Tuck: if your legs aren’t flexible enough to feel comfortable while extended like that, bend them slightly at the knee to relive some pressure from your hamstrings or calves. You will feel your quads (front of thighs) engaged though so find that balance. Also, lift your leg only as high as you’re comfortable with and breathe out when tucking in to engage the core and stabilize your body.
  2. Lunge Knee Hops: sometimes the lunge is hard for those with knee problems, so I suggest doing step-ups with or without knee lift. Try to find a stable slightly raised surface and step on it while drawing the other knee up to hip level. You can also just do a step-up until you feel comfortable to add in the knee tuck. If you find the original exercise too challenging because of the hop, just do the knee tuck without hopping.
  3. Roundhouse Squat Kick: if again your knees hurt from the lunge, stand straight with feet shoulder width apart, extend one leg out to the side and tilt your body in the same direction then return to the first position and do the same on the other direction. You will feel this in your obliques (sides of your stomach) and your inner thighs.
  4. Sumo Squat Knee Up: if your knees hurt from the squat, don’t do the squat and just do the knee up movement on each side.
  5. Plank Leg Lift: instead of having your arms straight, you can have your forearms on the ground for more stabilization. If you don’t feel strong enough yet to hold yourself up and balance while doing leg lifts, get on all fours, extend one leg out and lift to as comfortable of a height as you can then return to ground. Do the same with the other leg.
  6. Tip Toe Squat: I haven’t found a variation that will relieve pressure of the knees. Sorry! This works your quads really well though, but feel free to skip it if your knees aren’t comfortable.
  7. Burpees: one variation, instead of hopping simply stand up at the end. You can also take out the push-up aspect of it and just stay in plank in step 2. Also instead of hopping your legs to your hands in step 3, you can walk your legs forward before moving to step 4.
  8. Pistol Squat: extremely challenging move that I have yet to perfect. Some variations are using something to hold on to while you squat until you become strong enough to do it without any help. Also instead of squatting, simply just balance on one leg for 30 seconds (each leg) to build that strength and stabilization.

I hope this helped and if you have any questions just ask away. I know it’s kind of hard to describe an exercise instead of just showing it but I tried to be as detailed as possible. Have a good night everyone.


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