Not Your Average Fitness Blog

There’s millions of fitness blogs out there, so why follow mine? I’m not honestly sure yet. I like to think I’m bringing a different viewpoint, but I mean there’s a lot of people in this world so the chance that little me found a viewpoint that no one’s discovered yet is probably slim.

So here’s the deal. I’m a sophomore college student that’s on a pre-med track. I am also just beginning to work on getting my personal trainer certification through NASM. I love food. Food is on my mind probably 19/24 hours in a day (I sleep for 5 hours a day usually because of late night Netflix binging and early morning classes.) I know you guys might be thinking “Oh this is one of those girls who are skinny as a stick and claims they love food, but eat 4 carrots a day to stay healthy” but I’m definitely not. If you ask anyone who knows me, they would tell you I CAN EAT. I can clear plates, multiple ones, in record time. But I do love fitness. I like the results, the muscle tone, the way I look in clothes, the way I look naked, I like my hard work paying off and me being able to see it when I look in a mirror. The problem is, I have to find that balance of maintaining my very healthy and active appetite and being fit.

This blog will document my journey into fitness and eating foods that taste good but don’t make me gain weight. I promise you honest and raw advice. I promise you delicious healthy recipes and cheat meal recipes. I promise you workouts and fitness tips. I promise you tips to keep your sanity while trying to accomplish so much in a hectic schedule. I will write about my daily life and all its imperfections. And I will document my experience as I attempt to earn my personal trainer certification. Hope you guys like what I have to say and share.


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